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August 19, 2014, 11:59 am

Boardman OpenRaceTC's Boardman River Open

Calling all kayaks, SUPs & canoes! RaceTC is hosting another great water sport event in Traverse City, MI. 

The Boardman River Open will feature two courses, a 5 mile down river challenge for beginners from Schoecks Camp to Brown Bridge Landing and a 16 mile down river race for experts which ends in Beitner Park. 

Race date is Saturday, August 30th at 8 am. Pre-register online to secure a t-shirt at race day. 

For more information, visit The website will help you determine which class you should compete in and answer many of the questions you may have if you are participating in a RACETC event for the first time. 

Many of our followers have asked if the Suttons Bay Floatilla will happen again this year. Because the Guinness World Record was broken last year, there will be no event until a competing city breaks the Suttons Bay record.

If you participated last year in Floatilla and had a blast, the Boardman River Open is a great way to get out on your canoe, kayak or SUP Labor Day weekend in Traverse City. 

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Posted by Amy Denawetz at 11:59 am