FREE Set-up & the Lowest Prices

byteEvents - Your Local & Cost Effective Solution

byteEvents is a super simple and secure event registration system that not only appeals to event promoters, but to participants as well. We simplify the registration process making it easy-to-use and affordable.

Why byteEvents? 

If you need to offer online registration options or are frustrated with other event registration tools, byteEvents is the solution for you. With easy set-up and unique features, we give you the ability to customize your event by creating multiple categories and groups. Your byteEvents registration page will also include your logo and detailed information about your event.

We created this dynamic system while keeping your budget in mind. We offer the lowest costs and the provide the best customer service. Our goal is to help you organize the perfect event and many times, first impressions last a lifetime. 

Features include:

  • Free hosting & setup
  • Secure online payment processing
  • Quick & easy check out
  • Ability to offer multiple divisions and categories of events
  • Returning customers log-in tool - speeding up the registration process event more!
  • Ability to sell and add merchandise to cart at check-out
  • Customized page with logo & color options
  • Social Media sharing options
  • E-mail participants right through the byteEvents system
  • Promotional codes for discounts per order or registrant
  • Detailed reporting of registrants/orders

We make your event registration as affordable and profitable as it possibly can be. Set-up is completely FREE for the event organizer and cost per registrant is the lowest in the industry. We simply charge registrants 3% of the event sign-up fee +$1.00 per entrant.


Here is how we compare to our competitors:

Company Sample Registration Cost Online Fee Total Cost
byteEvents $50 $2.50

$52.50 $50 $4.63 $54.63 $50 $4.63 $54.63 $50 $3.40 $53.40